A tribute

Tribute: Stephen Hawking was the same age as me when he died. I survived him, but his achievements will definitely survive mine!
I particularly like this quote. One of Hawking's brain-jogging talents was the gift of having something to say about anything and a lot of humour and instince about what he said, revealing truths we may not have known, seen or understood. This is a lovely, whimsical example:
"The goldfish view is not the same as our own, but goldfish could still formulate scientific laws governing the motion of the objects they observe outside their bowl. For example, due to the distortion, a freely moving object would be observed by the goldfish to move along a curved path. Nevertheless, the goldfish could formulate laws from their distorted frame of reference that would always hold true. Their laws would be more complicated than the laws in our frame, but simplicity is a matter of taste." — 2010 Time magazine article

Thursday, 25 October 2018

21 - Moira Freeman

Saturday cont. then Sunday December 13

After phoning Nigel and checking that he was still at the hospital, and making a second phone-call to tell Mia Curlew what had happened and that she was please to phone Nigel and organize a rota to keep an eye on Peel, Gary decided there was nothing more that they could do at HQ that day. Before they left, he showed his new office to Cleo, who was impressed at the tidiness and space, and said so.
“Promotion includes a few more organized square feet, I see,” she added.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

20 - Findings and Failings

Friday cont then Saturday December 12

As soon as Gary had finished the usual Friday afternoon scramble at the office, where numerous documents were waiting for his signature and commentaries on ongoing affairs had to be written, Gary left Nigel with instructions about conveying stuff to his new office upstairs and left. One more day on the Homicide Squad floor and he would be moving up. He was nostalgic about it and would have regretted the decision had not he taken the plunge and invested in the villa for his growing family. Fortunately he was not inheriting Roger’s office. Roger had agreed to help out at the beginning – take part in the inevitable conferences and introduce his friend and almost-inlaw to Gisela and Henry, the other two thirds of the triumvirate, whose function was not always even clear to Roger. A new office had been installed for Gary and Roger would play out his three month resignation after all, after which Roger’s office would be used as a general purpose venue.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

19 - The other Agnes

“I’ve been reading those old reports,” Cleo announced out of the blue.
“Already? Nothing like getting ahead, I suppose.”
“So you don’t want to hear what I think, I take it.”
“Of course I do.”
“It’s really about that first interview with Peel.”

Saturday, 29 September 2018

18 - Moving on

Thursday cont. then Friday

While Gary and Greg were eating, Nigel was munching bacon flavoured chips in the office and thinking about Mrs Peel’s marriages. He had listened in to Peel’s questioning and had found out from Colin exactly what the phone-call had been about.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

17 - Peel

Thursday December 10

Combing through Registry Office records was a tall order since the marriage between Peel and Barclay could have taken place anywhere or not at all, given Peel’s versatility at making things up as it suited her. Notes on Peel interviews included her saying that she was married, but her husband was not available for questioning (which wasn’t even a lie, as it turned out), to claiming that she called herself Mrs because spinsters were not respected enough.Nigel had enough experience of how volatile the woman was. He wondered how she had managed to angle one husband.

Monday, 16 July 2018

16 - Arthur

Wednesday cont.

“If Peel was married to Barclay, surely there’s an official record of it somewhere.”

Friday, 8 June 2018

15 - No smoke without fire (reworked)

Wednesday cont.
Chris had rung from the forensic lab to say that the heroin was only baking powder, but Gary decided that it would make things even more difficult for Nigel if he knew that, since his otherwise praiseworthy morals would force him to be honest, and this was not the time for honesty. It was important to know how far into the drugs scene the recipients of these courier trips were.

Saturday, 26 May 2018

14 - Mainly Nigel

Wednesday December 9

Nigel was sure his briefing with Gary had covered all aspects of his trip to Mallorca, but as he left the pub at midday with a quantity of white powder in his pocket, he felt vulnerable and foolish.

Monday, 16 April 2018

13 - Nigel

Tuesday, December 8

Nigel decided to leave Gary to his bairns for the rest of Monday. After talking to Crab and getting nowhere, he was sure that action should be taken and that he was the one to take it.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

12 - Agnes Peel

Sunday cont. leading to Monday December 7

Grit and Gary were well on the way to organizing supper and bedtime for the five infants they had spent a couple of hours babysitting, though sitting was not the operative word. Gary was rather sorry they had given Toni the afternoon off, and glad when Charlie arrived with Lottie in tow to take over some of the running around.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

11 - Vera

Saturday cont. leading into Sunday December 6

 Gary had been glad to spend the rest of Saturday at home. Although he was curious about Cleo’s meeting with the three women from the OAP home, it was partly because it distracted from his own interviews, especially the confrontation with Miss Plimsoll, whom he declared to be a pain, and Brian Crab, who had no entertainment value and seemed to lack the common sense he was probably born with. As for Peregrine Plimsoll: he had been drinking even before embarking on the bistro exploit and was so drunk after imbibing the cooking sherry and brandy in the bistro kitchen that he completely lost control and went on the rampage, which was not to Crab’s liking. He then had the misfortune to be killed and left Crab to carry the whole can. Cleo told him to forget it all till Monday. They had Vera to keep up with, not to mention a round robin hockey tournament next day. That would – Gary claimed – make crime a refuge in times of trouble, especially if Miss Plimsoll officiated.

Friday, 16 March 2018

10 - Start the weekend

Saturday, December 5

Cleo and Gary left the cottage together once Grit and Toni had appeared to take charge of the infants. The big girls were going to meet for a biscuit-making session at Cecilia William’s house down the road. Their school-friend’s mother was German and observed all the best German traditions all the year round, and that included making mountains of biscuits for Advent. A nice custom, Gary thought as he handed Charlie a twenty pound note to pay for some of the ingredients. After all, he would probably eat most of the biscuits.

Monday, 12 March 2018

9 - Peregrine

Friday cont. 

Dorothy phoned to say that Vera had arrived on time and they were at the cottage. What time should they come to dinner?

Thursday, 22 February 2018

8 - Confessions by the dozen?

Friday December 4

Gary’s speciality was wishful thinking, but it did not stop Sandra Mansfield alias Sandy phoning the Hurley cottage in the early hours of Friday morning.
"I’m unplugging the phone from now on,” Gary said through his veil of sleep.
“It won’t help,” said Cleo, perky as ever since she did not have that paradise zone between being asleep and being awake. “I’ll get it.”
“You’re welcome,” said Gary, burying himself in (his half of) the duvet. “No one in their right mind would ring me at this time of the night!”

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

7 - Silvie's Dilemma

Thursday cont.

Siestas are a tradition at the Hurley cottage. Accordingly, after lunch they all ‘turned in’ for an hour or two.

Friday, 16 February 2018

6 - Be prepared (for anything)

Thursday cont.

It would have been truculent of Gary not to want Dorothy to have any part in what was about to happen at Pensioner’s Punishment, which was Gary’s new name for the OAP home.
Cleo phoned her colleague and asked if she would like to see the fire brigade at work. She would, as long as it was not her cottage that was on fire. Dorothy was a fast walker, so she manged to get to the home just before the fire brigade.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

5 - Pickled

Wednesday cont. then Thursday  December 3

Cleo had taken the precaution of ordering steaks for the evening meal, since she was going to invite Dorothy and anyone else in the family who felt like coming. Robert said he would deliver the meat and did, quite early, to Cleo’s surprise. He was also in a good mood, which surprised her even more. Robert had been morose ever since Brass, the village sergeant, had married Edith, who had turned out to be the village vamp and given Robert several servings of her new found sexual freedom.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

4 - Smashed and Grabbed

Wednesday cont.

Gary got to the bistro expecting the worst. Chris Marlow was already there with Ned, his forensic assistant. They had taken official photos and were taping everything for prints. An insurance expert was also there, tutting furiously and begrudging the compensation as if he were going to have to pay it out of his own pocket.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

3 - Strangers in the night

Tuesday cont. then Wednesday December 2

Later, the death at Pensioner’s Paradise was chewed over at length at Cleo’s cottage, but Toni’s new conquest had to be welcomed first.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

2 - Who's next?

Tuesday cont.

One of the major problems of running a home for pensioners and people who prefer to describe themselves in euphemisms such as older-middle-aged or younger seventy- plus is that some of them are usually in such good shape that they outlast what you could refer to as merely pensioners passing through. They arrive looking forward to a new lease of life, but the optimism fades quite soon. Life at a home for seniors can be quite humdrum, but it is not per se lethal.

Monday, 22 January 2018

1 - The festive season

Tuesday December 1

December is always a busy month, not least because Xmas makes demands on everyone’s imagination and cash flow even if they have not been swathed in the appropriate ritual and tradition from the word go.  Quite a lot of people think of the season as a call to aid commercial enterprises, and all religious takes have discovered that exchanging presents is nice, while non-believers in the supernatural side of December s imply go with the flow.